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Growing with direction


We help the founders and their teams craft the conditions needed for society and the planet to flourish, today and tomorrow.

Venture capital must switch from a self-serving paradigm to a regenerative era.

An era aimed at revitalizing.
An era fueled by stakeholder alignment.
An era in which impact and performance are intertwined.

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We invest in early-stage tech innovators restoring the planet, fostering well-being and empowering communities, with investment from €500k to €5M

Strong By Form

Strong By Form specializes in woodflow technology, developing lightweight, high-performance wood-based composites for technological innovation.

Santé Académie

Santé Académie's online learning platform offers first-rate courses for healthcare professionals.


HomeExchange automates home swaps to provide unique, cost-effective global travel accommodations, ensuring a continuous flow of enriching opportunities